According to the Mongolian accounting law, every entity must have accounting record, prepare financial reports and comply with the International Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards.  Our certified public accountants will record your entity accounting aligning to the International Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards, prepare financial reports and provide accurate information for your correct and accurate decisions.

This outsourcing service save several entity costs such as employee salaries, per diem, office stationeries, office rent, and depreciations. Moreover it will prevent from any frauds, errors, mistakes and other risks.

            Monthly outsourcing services are:

  • Account payables/ develop cash management -withdrawal
  • Account receivables/develop cash management- income
  • Develop transactions of Current accounts
  • Current and non-current asset registration
  • Payroll calculation and report
  • Social insurance report
  • Value added tax report
  • General ledger record
  • Trial balance and financial reports
  • Financial analysis and management report

Quarterly and annual outsourcing services are:

  • Financial reports
  • Entity income tax report
  • Payroll,  equivalent income and direct income deduction tax report
  • Other tax report ( real estate tax report, mineral resources tax report)